Welcome to Miss Wolff's Jiving School. We teach '40s, '50s, '60s dances, and were the first to bring these specific underground subculture dances back to popularity in 1997, to North America: Jive, Stroll, Bop, Jitterbug, Texas Two-Step, and Northern Soul. All dances taught by Miss Wolff.

Our school's strength is our musical expertise and passion for this era. If you love vintage-styled music, let us show you how to express that on the dance floor! We're well-versed in the nuances of underground subculture scenes as we've been immersed in them 25 years.

We specialize in making nervous, rhythmically-challenged students feel comfortable and confident in minutes. We believe everyone can dance! Please contact us with questions, or to request a tailor-made private or group class - in Chicago or anywhere in the world: Have jive, will travel!. ENROLL NOW



Group classes

Wednesdays: 24 Jan - 10 April 2024

7pm - JIVING Bop & Stroll Open Level, 120min

*Want to learn how to jive before Viva Las Vegas, or just because? Our official session starts 24 January through 10 April - every Wednesday!! To celebrate 26 years in the business, we're offering a new format of JIVE classes: They are FREE for a limited time, with an option to donate which we'd appreciate! Keep fit, learn new dance skills, meet new friends and old, and Come Join The Fun! *Jive classes include bop & stroll!   Just show up from 7-9pm! Location below. To support what we do, and to keep the classes going, you are welcome to...

One-time Workshops

Friday 9 Feb 2024

Northern Soul Dance Workshop

*Limited edition dance workshop! $22 for 2-day event

Fri 9 Feb, 7pm until 9pm - Dance Class
Learn to dance to Northern Soul at 3905 N Lincoln Ave Chicago 60613 with Miss Wolff's Jiving School! Learn about the dance's history from Miss Wolff, whose mother is from "the North" of England. Learn NEW steps, spins, stomps, and soul, all levels. Bring thick socks & slippery-sole shoes. Come Join The Fun!

Sat 10 Feb, 7:30pm - 11:30pm - Soul Club Event
Use the dance moves you learned to celebrate with us at Color Club, 4146 N Elston Ave Chicago 60618. We're partnering with Heart of Chicago Soul Club to offer the first USA Northern soul dance workshop and all-vinyl DJ events.

Combo ticket: Click here for the $22 VALENTINE'S SPECIAL!
$22 for 2 days, 2 events, by 2 women-led creative cooperatives! Price includes both our 2-hour workshop and the HOC event. $39 value!

Buying more than one ticket? There are no extra fees for buying more than once. PayPal doesn't let us add multiples. Dance class alone is $20 prepay/$25 on the day. Already got HOC tix? Message us for $14 refund, or $2 for Fri only option.

Saturday 9 March 2024

Texas Two-Step Dance Workshop

*Limited edition dance workshop! $25 on the day or $20 prepay!

Sat 9 March, 1pm until 3pm - Dance Class
Learn to dance to a country shuffle. Our TWO-STEP class is based on the style Miss Wolff learned in Austin, Texas when she lived there. Class is UPSTAIRS at 3905 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL, 60613 with Miss Wolff's Jiving School! Learn about the history of Texas style Two-Step, the music that fuels the passion behind it, and go from basic moves to fancy tricks and tips condensed into two hours. We make it easy and fun for all! Please bring shoes that are slippery or soft on the floor - no sticky, rubbery, metal or sharp-heeled soles please. No partner needed as you can find one here but it helps if you do bring a friend to guarantee you will have a partner. Come Join The Fun!



Mrs Murphy & Sons' Irish Bistro

3905 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, 60613

Amazing location! This IRISH PUB is diagonally across the street from our old location, at the Lincoln/Byron intersection. Walk into the pub, take the elevator on the left and move on up one floor to Jive class! Stop in for a drink, a dinner, or a cheeky Jammie Dodger: They have a full shop full of Irish and British goodies!

PARKING: Some of the streets have free parking. Please carefully check, as some are payable until midnight, some 10pm, and the apps usually let you top up if you need longer.

CLOSEST "L" STOP:  Irving Park on the BROWN LINE.
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To celebrate 26 years in the biz, you can join our winter and spring classes for free!!

Limited time only for winter/spring 2024, you can join in the fun for FREE! With or without a partner! However, it is preferable to have a partner so you can practice, and classes are free, so bring a friend (or 5)!! We will have an optional tip jar and you are welcome to support our teachers' work, if you would like. Supporting us financially helps us keep these classes - and our teachers - going! Or, you can...



The jiving session is ALL LEVELS.
Anyone can turn up to class and get a mini crash course on how to jive. Each week, you can have fun jiving with others, learn moves, socialize, and join us in the Irish pub afterwards for food and drinks. Sometimes we have a "taster" in class where you get a short intro to other dances too, like Stroll, Bop, Northern Soul, Texas Two-Step, Jitterbug.

To secure your spot in our class, please let us know the name, phone & email of all participants intending to attend. Want to donate? Click here:

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