Welcome to Miss Wolff's Jiving School /, where we teach 1940s, 1950s, 1960s dances, and were the first to bring these dances back to popularity in North America: Jive, Stroll, Bop, Jitterbug, Texas Two-Step and Northern Soul. All dances taught by Sophie Wolff Dangerfield (Miss Wolff) unless noted.

Our school's strength is our musical expertise and passion for this era. We have a genuine love of the musical styles of the '40s, '50s and '60s, and dancing is one of the ways we can help you express your love of vintage-styled music too! We're well-versed in all the nuances of underground subculture scenes as we've been passionately devouring them for the past 25 years.

We also specialize in making the most nervous, rhythmically-challenged students feel comfortable and confident in minutes. Please contact us with any questions, or to request a private or group class tailored to your wishes - in Chicago or anywhere in the world: HAVE JIVE, WILL TRAVEL. ENROLL NOW !




GROUP Classes
* Workshops * PRIVATE Lessons

Group classes

Tuesday nights, 11 Feb - 31 Mar 2020
*We are at our 30-person max* Please message us in case there are cancellations.

8pm - Northern Soul Open, 45 minutes
(beg & adv)
8:45pm - Jiving Open, 1 hour 15 minutes (beg & adv)

With or without a partner! All welcome, regardless of ability or shyness! 6-30 people. We progressively learn moves and build on our style and knowledge each week *Jive classes include: JIVE BOP STROLL. It's OK to just show up but please: ENROLL BELOW !

: Texas Two-Step TBC

Private lessons

Available to advance rapidly with tailor-made training, customized to your needs, where the teacher focuses only on you. Please contact us for rates.


3868 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, 60613

Helpful hints: Located at the intersection of Lincoln and Byron, opposite Martyr's, the actual entrance is round the corner, on Byron, above the Chase bank.

PARKING: Some of the streets have free parking. Lincoln Ave has metered parking. Please carefully check, as some are payable until midnight, some 10pm.

CLOSEST "L" STOP:  Irving Park on the BROWN LINE.
PLAN YOUR TRIP from anywhere with the CTA Trip Planner or Google Transit


PRICE  * Prepay special discounts

All prices are in US dollars, and are for the total for the whole session
regardless of attendance (that's up to you) or start date. Catch up a missed class by coming early the following week to review moves. All prices are non-refundable after you leave your first class and are the TOTAL for all remaining weeks left of the session. Our workshops are one price, for one day only. No refunds on workshops once paid.

Eight-week session prices

Northern Soul Open, 02/11-03/31, 8:00pm, 45mn, $90 $45

Jiving Open, 02/11-03/31, 8:45pm, 1hour&15mn, $160 $65

Combo DANCE ALL NIGHT, 02/11-03/31, 8:00pm, 120mn, $260 $69 (combo includes all classes, both jive and northern)


*Classes are limited to 30 people. First come, first served. Reserve your spot.*




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Jiving I : Planet Jive (also Beginner Jive)

Beginner Jive. Beginner Stroll and Beginner Bop as a bonus. Preview of Jitterbug. Once you complete this level, you can take ANY advanced level below.

Jiving II : Rockabilly Rebels (Jiving Adv.)
Advanced Jive. Advanced Stroll, Bop and a Jitterbug overview! Look like you've been jiving for years! *THIS SESSION CONSTANTLY TEACHES NEW MOVES!!* You could take it 5 times and the moves would change each time! Below, are some of the levels that have now been incorporated into Jiving II:

Jumpin' Jitterbugs (Jiving Adv.)
1940s Jitterbug! Developed from Lindyhop, but more rock-n-roll / rhythm-n-blues, wild, down-n-dirty street dance! Same rules/count & interchangeable with Jive!

Rockin' Workshop
(Jiving Adv.)
Wild Rockin' Jiving. Dance with two girls! More Stroll and Bop moves as a bonus. Rockin' moves and style tips for pros. This level could be taught for a year with constant new moves! Moves tailored to what students haven't yet learned!

JIVE AFTER FIVE Workshop (Jiving Adv.)
A-wop-bop-a-loo-bop-a-wop-bam-boom! This is the cream of the crop JAM PACKED Advanced moves from the rockabilly 50s side of things, advanced stroll, advanced bop, and a little Jitterbug and TexasTwo-Step too! Insane!

JIVING OPEN: JIVE for all levels
All levels: Beginners get intense personalized coaching to catch up to the advanced who learn new moves and progress their style. Jive Bop and Stroll included in this fun class!


Texas Two-Step I

Beginner Two-Step! In the setting of specific "Austin, Texas rockabilly scene" honky tonk style - mixed with crossover jiving moves, to Ray Price, Johnny Bush, Mavericks, etc TX 2-step: Find you inner cowboy / cowgirl!

Texas Two-Step II

Advanced tricks, twists, cowboy turns to a vintage hillbilly shuffle beat! Saddle up!!

Texas Two-Step Workshop
Combo of TTS I & TTS II - Beginners learn basics, Advanced spin and shuffle!


Northern Soul I

Complete beginner moves to get you moving to rare 1960s Detroit soul & more!

Northern Soul II
Review of basics, with different moves from NS I. Turns, Spins, Stomps*

Northern Soul Open / Workshop
Combo of Northern I & II - Beginners learn the basics; Advanced progress & spin!

* FOR NORTHERN SOUL CLASSES: You may take Northern Soul I or Northern Soul Open if you are a beginner. Although the moves are different from NS I, the level is still able to be followed by a beginner. Just expect to feel challenged as your learning rate will be accelerated in the beginning. But we start each class with easy basics and we make sure every single student is catching on in a discreet helpful positive way!

** FOR JIVING CLASSES: All students must start with Jive I (or JIVING OPEN) to learn the basics and logic of jive, even if you already dance. If you want to take Jive I and an advanced level at the same time, that is also possible.

For a description of Bop, Jitterbug, Jiving, Northern Soul, Stroll & Texas Two-Step, please check out our Dance Styles page.

Money-Back Guarantee
We're so sure you'll love our classes that if, for any reason, you change your mind, in person, by the end of your first hour of class, we will give you a full session refund, minus the cost of one class!
*After the end of the first class of the session, fees are non-refundable*

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