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The Jive

The coolest couples' street dance from the '50s! One-handed Elvis inspired wiggling with no squares in sight...

The Jitterbug
The earlier form of jive, in a closed hold. Think '40s and WWII .. Wild and rhythm-filled bouncy couple dancing!

Texas Two-Step
Popular dance on the rockabilly scene, as seen in Austin, TX. A couples dance suited to that perfect honky-tonk shuffle, à la Ray Price! 

The Stroll
The all girl fun dance that lets you strut your stuff in a sexy box formation. Dance to bouncy r-n-b, slower beats and rockin' garage tunes. NOT line-dancing!

Sophia WolffThe Bop
This wild solo freestyle dance was more of a man's dance from the '30s to the '50s, but in this equal opportunity millennium, gals and studs alike bop around with this fast crazy dance, popular worldwide, after remaining far underground for most of the '60s. This is a great workout - think rockabilly aerobics! Bopping is a passion-filled mix of tap, step and jive beats fueled by your love and feeling of the beat, the beat, the BEAT, each person feeling it in their own way.

Northern Soul
1960s James Brown style fancy footwork in a dance where you don't need a partner! Motown, '50s/'60s RnB and rare soul grooves fuel gliding smooth moves. Learn this dance that became popular in the North of England, hence the name!

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