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Will you win this year's VLV Jive contest? We're always seeking to reward real rockin' rock'n'roll jiving. If you don't know what that is, join our classes, or take a peek at some videos. It's a style that originated from '40s '50s American dances, and was championed and kept alive - when it wasn't popular - by UK dancers. It's never called swing dancing, lindy hop (different dances) or rockabilly jive: You generally jive to RnR and you bop to rockabilly. The thriving underground rockin' style seen in London and the UK - and now all over the world - has a suave, sexy, smooth, understated style that is unmistakable. Once you taste and feel it, there's no going back. And anyone can do it! Check it out:

1. Here we are on stage judging and hosting the VLV jive contest each year - congrats to the 2016's winners!

2. A fuzzy little clip of us dancing that someone out there captured!


3. VLV 2007 Jive Contest winners from the UK: the amazing Mark and Genevieve


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