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1. DO THE JIVE! DVD 1: our ever-popular one-hour JIVING DVD

2. DO THE STROLL BOP JIVE! DVD 2: the sequel is here

3. SPECIAL DVD COMBO: Both our DVDs at a great price!
Limited time only.

4. Sophia Wolff & the Cubs' CD: "Afternoon Fun"

5. DANCE CLASSES: See our Class Info page for enrollment


1. DO THE JIVE! dvd # 1
Sophia WolffSick of dancing like Richie Cunningham? Become a Fonz at last, with this exciting, fast-paced video and go from absolute basics to advanced tricks of the trade of '50s Rock'n'Roll Jiving - as seen in London, Los Angeles, at Viva Las Vegas and on TV. In one hour, Miss Wolff and partner Snakeman Jes teach you the basics of 1950s jive — the way rockabilly rebels like it! Packed solid with tons of moves, everything you need to be confident and show off on the dance-floor! Very easy to follow, even for the rhythmically challenged. Amazing value for all the moves packed into this! About 6 months' worth of classes, signals, interruptions, spins, circles, fancy moves and taught by the original North-American jive pioneers, who brought this type of dancing to this continent over two decades ago.
Included in this DVD:

- JIVE : learn complete Beginner to very Advanced
60 minutes - color - English - Chapter per move/per practice song. Music
is real rockin' courtesy of Deke Dickerson & the Crazy Rhythm Daddies .

DVD format    Price: $27.99 $22.00
Region-free- this DVD plays anywhere in the world


DO THE STROLL BOP JIVE! jiving dvd 1The 2010 sequel to our first DVD! Learn how to DO THE JIVE with 2, 3, or 4 people! Packed solid with wild advanced moves! Three-way jive! Rockabilly thief! Jive Sharking! How to jive with 2 couples, switch partners without missing a beat, wild on the floor moves, and much more. Learn to Stroll and Bop too, from beginner to advanced! Ever wondered how strollers twist and turn, dance backwards, dance half time, get that great wiggly style invented in London? Ever wanted to get the feel for a floor full of dancers while the blues boppers are pounding the airwaves? Search no more - ALL ROCKIN' DANCES are covered here. Great value for 3 dance style content.
Included in this DVD:
- STROLL : learn Beginner to Advanced with turns, etc.
- BOP : learn Beginner to Advanced
- JIVE : learn Advanced moves

60 minutes - color - English - Chapter per move/per practice song. Music by Sophia Wolff & the Cubs /Howlin' Hound Dogs

DVD format    Price: $27.99 $22.00
Region-free/All Regions- this DVD plays anywhere in the world

Jiving.comBuy both our DVDs and save money too on our best deal. Learn to Jive, Stroll and Bop from COMPLETE beginner right through to VERY advanced, even if you have two left feet! Everything you need included, with great music and instruction.
Included in these DVDs:
- STROLL : learn Beginner to Advanced
- BOP   :     learn Beginner to Advanced
- JIVE   :     learn Beginner to very Advanced Jive moves, specialty moves with couple exchange on the dance-floor without stopping your dance, 2-follower dancing, getting down on the floor and keeping the beat, etc!

2 DVDs, total 120 minutes - color - English -
Chapter per move & chapter per practice song.
Music by Sophia Wolff & the Cubs, Deke Dickerson, The Howlin' Hound Dogs and the Crazy Rhythm Daddies.

DVD format    Price: $54.98 $35.00
Region-free/All Regions- these DVDs play anywhere in the world

4. SOPHIA WOLFF & THE CUBS 'Afternoon Fun' CD
Sophia Wolff & the Cubs CD
A real rockin' seven piece that'll rock 'n' roll you from country, rockabilly and blues to saucy French serenades! Ten original songs written by Sophia like "You Can't Lose When You Choose Booze", "Playgirl" and "Rockabilly Boy"! For track listing see the Cubs' site. With fiddle, steel, piano and Noel Thibault on guitar, this all-star band includes Ray Condo's original drummer Peter Sandmark, some Howlin' Hound Dogs and Go Cat Go author Craig Morrison.

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