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Adapted from Jon Johnson's article

This brown-eyed beauty is as talented as she is lovely; an accomplished singer, songwriter, dancer, model, entrepreneur, and actress who has become the toast of two continents over the past decade. 

Sophia's background is about as exotic as it gets. The eldest daughter of a French father and a British mother, she was born in Casablanca, Morocco, and grew up in Canada and the USA.

Sophia's father worked for an international company, so he and his family tended to move around a lot. France, Montreal, Virginia, San Jose, Bakersfield…these were all waypoints for the Wolff family. She's beyond excited and hoping to become American at long last this year, even though she's always felt that way at heart.

Lest one think she inherited no interest in music from her mother's side of the family, Sophia's mother attended college in Liverpool at the height of Beatlemania. "She remembers going to see Roy Orbison, Gerry and the Pacemakers, and the Beatles," says Sophia. “My mom had ‘60s/‘70s country playing when we got home from school, adoring Willie Nelson most of all.”

The dancing which was associated with the European '50s scene was still largely unknown in North America. Well-versed in the still-popular-in-Europe dance styles, Sophia soon began offering dance classes; releasing a popular instructional video, "Do the Jive!", and a sequel: "Do The Stroll Bop Jive!". Sophia’s efforts did not go unnoticed and crowds soon flocked to get 'hep to the jive'. A veritable jive explosion followed her school’s creation. To date Sophia estimates that she has instructed approximately 15,000 dancers, traveling to do so in Montreal, Austin, London, California, New Jersey and Las Vegas NV, and she continues to offer regular dance classes to this day in Chicago, IL.

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